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Company philosophy

Achieving a higher quality of life is the fundamental motor that drives us to continue working to offer a response to those people who know that what is natural is what is best for them and theirs.

Our vision is that of a company that aims to become a European benchmark in the field of Phytotherapy and Food Supplements, with a commitment to leadership, corporate prestige and innovation.

Our products respond in the most effective way to disorders that may alter your wellness. As nature has always done… In a perfect natural balance.


The values of noVadiet are innovation, responsibility, simplicity, integrity, trust, seriousness in commitments and respect for the environment.

Always with the aim of spreading the culture and the use of medicinal plants and dietary products offering safe, effective and fully-guaranteed products.

noVadiet in figures

Since our beginnings we have been developing an exciting business project in the field of dietetics and nutrition.

Our commitment to quality and specialisation led us to become one of the most representative, leading companies in our sector with a market penetration of more than 1,500 points of sale at the national level and a turnover of more than 20 million euros.

With more than 100 employees on staff, noVadiet also has facilities in Ghlin (Belgium), being the first European company to obtain recognition for its work with ISO 22000 certification.


The great business asset of noVadiet is its human capital, a multidisciplinary team made up of highly qualified personnel: doctors, pharmacists, dieticians… Professionals with a solid intellectual base that endorses the fundamental purpose of the company: to achieve the natural balance of people through products and natural treatments that contribute wellness and quality of life.

Research, development and innovation

Sustaining the level of demand that marks noVadiet means taking on the commitment to work permanently within parameters based on research, continuous development and constant innovation.

Therefore, we invest in the modernisation and updating of our laboratories, as well as in the strengthening of relationships with scientific experts in food and dietetics, to ensure that noVadiet products attain the highest standards of reliability.


Experience, professionalism and strict quality control.

These are the three pillars of noVadiet, consolidated as a leader in the Spanish market and holding a significant share in the Belgian laboratory Hedelab, the first European company certified to the ISO 22000 International Standard.

At noVadiet, our commitment to quality materialises in all our activities, from the application of the strictest criteria for the choice of raw materials and suppliers, to the final process of product development in the areas of manufacturing and distribution.

Likewise, in our facilities we carry out an exhaustive control of each and every one of the production phases through a rigorous traceability system, with supplier approval plans, periodic studies and maximum compliance with current regulations and legislations.

Social Responsibility

At noVadiet, we integrate social responsibility and continuous training of employees and customers into our management system, and an extensive history of cooperation with the community and the environment.

In 2014 we strengthened our social policy as much as possible. After a deep internal reflection we have prepared and published our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

In addition, this year you have donated 8,000 euros to the Food Banks after a campaign in dietetic centres and herbalist’s.

In noVadiet we also partner with Ecoembes in the reduction of waste with increasingly lighter packaging and we reject transgenic products, something that has earned us Greenpeace’s recognition.

At the local level, we encourage participation in cultural and sports activities (cyclocross, basketball, triathlon, soccer, handball, tennis…).

In addition, at noVadiet, we place people at the centre of our management model and get involved in the personal development of our team.

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