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Vegetable amino acids + Inulin + Bromelain + Papain + Vitamins


It helps keep bones and joints in physiological condition.
It helps in ostearticular problems.

Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth.
Protein and vitamin D contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.

*Health claims contained in the Annex of the EU Regulation

Vegetal aminoacids from soya and pea, Fructose, Aroma, Inulin, Acidity regulator (citric acid), Vitamin C, Bromelain, Papain, Anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), Calcium carbonate from sea coral, Sweetener (acesulfame K), Vitamin B6, Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

Contains soya derivates.

Per 10 g. spoonful:
Vegetable aminoacids: 7 g
Inulin: 100 mg
Bromelain: 25 mg
Papain: 25 mg
Vitamin C: 60 mg (75% NRV*)
Vitamin B6: 2 mg (143% NRV*)
Vitamin A: 800 mcg (100% NRV*)
Vitamin D: 5 mcg (100% NRV*)
*NRV: Nutrient Reference Values.

Per 10 g. spoonful:
Aspartic acid: 348 mg
Threonine: 273 mg
Serine: 134 mg
Glutamic acid: 385 mg
Proline: 148 mg
Cystine: 80 mg
Glycine: 130 mg
Alanine: 141 mg
Valine: 337 mg
Methionine: 95 mg
Isoleucine: 337 mg
Leucine: 564 mg
Tyrosine: 260 mg
Phenylalanine: 398 mg
Histidine: 184 mg
LYsine: 464 mg
Arginine: 244 mg
Tryptophan: 72 mg

Not recommended during pregnancy or breast-feeding.
Do not take this food supplement if you have an allergy or intolerance to one of its ingredients.

Dissolve a spoonful of COLAGER (10 g.) in a glass of water and take it before breakfast.
Recommended daily consumption: 1 spoonful (10 g).

Container of 300 g.

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