Colamag Can
Marine collagen + Hyaluronic acid + Magnesium + Vitamin C
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Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones, cartilage, teeth and skin.

Magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, and to normal muscle function.
Don’t allow time to leave any traces on you!

Time goes by, you keep celebrating birthdays and, although mentally you feel great, your body is undergoing changes. These changes are normal, even if you are healthy and do not suffer from any disease. What you would like is for these changes to be felt as little as possible, to have little impact, and to keep up your pace of life and your activities; in short, to continue enjoying a good quality of life as long as possible.

Do you know what happens when you grow old?

Some of the changes that your body suffers are:

  • Degeneration of the articular cartilage
  • The bone becomes “porous”, becomes less resistant and is more prone to fractures
  • There is a decrease in body elasticity and flexibility due to the ageing of cartilage, tendons, ligaments…
  • Loss of lens transparency (cataract formation)
  • At the skin level:
    • The skin becomes dry, peels, is rough to the touch, wrinkled, becomes yellowish… elasticity is reduced and there is a loss of skin tone
And do you know why this happens?

Among other reasons, because it decreases the amount of collagen produced by your body and the collagen that remains hardens and becomes less flexible.

Collagen is part of practically all body structures, being a key component of all of the musculoskeletal system: bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons; in skin, hair and nails; in the lens and cornea; in blood vessels, in the different organs…


Collagen of marine origin

It provides your body with the supporting structure for organs and tissues.
It is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the different body structures: cartilage, bones, skin…
It is involved in transmitting force in tendons and ligaments.
It intervenes in the hydration of the body.

Hyaluronic acid

It has great capacity to retain water, so it is essential to maintain adequate hydration in the tissues of which it is a part.
At the joint level, its function is to lubricate and protect the joints


It contributes to the normal functioning of the muscles.
It contributes to the maintenance of bones and teeth under normal conditions.

Vitamin C

It contributes to the formation of collagen for the normal functioning of bones, cartilage, teeth and skin.

Hydrolyzed marine collagen (fish), Maltodextrin, Magnesium oxide, Aroma, Anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), Hyaluronic acid, Powdered beet juice, Sweetener (sucralose).

This product contains fish derivatives.

Per 1 measuring spoon (10 g):
Marine collagen: 5 g
Hyaluronic acid: 30 mg
Magnesium: 187,5 mg (50% NRV*)
Vitamin C: 40 mg (50% NRV*)

* NRV: Nutrient Reference Values

Per 1 measuring spoon (10 g):
Glycine: 1045 mg
Proline: 630 mg
Glutamic acid: 580 mg
Hydroxiproline: 525 mg
Arginine: 445 mg
Alanine: 415 mg
Aspartic acid: 255 mg
Lysine: 175 mg
Serine: 175 mg
Threonine: 135 mg
Leucine: 130 mg
Phenylalanine: 115 mg
Valine: 100 mg
Isoleucine: 75 mg
Hydroxylisine: 75 mg
Histidine: 65 mg
Methionine: 40 mg
Tyrosine: 20 mg

Consult a healthcare professional if pregnancy or breast-feeding.
Do not take this food supplement if you have an allergy or intolerance to one of its ingredients.

Pour the contents of one measuring spoon (10 g) into a glass, add water (100 ml) and stir until completely dissolved.
Recommended daily consumption: 1 measuring spoon (10 g).

Container of 300 g.

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