Red rice yeast + Artichoke + Coenzyme Q 10 + Policosanol

Berberis aristata contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels.

Keep your
at bay!
The elevated level of circulating cholesterol is what most influences arteriosclerosis, which is why it is the main cardiovascular risk factor.. For this reason, trying to reduce excess cholesterol is the main objective of people with hypercholesterolemia. Taking care of all cardiovascular risk factors and having a healthy heart and arteries increases the quality of life.
To help maintain cholesterol levels in the normal range and reduce cardiovascular risk, experts recommend dietary measures such as: using virgin olive oil as the main source of fat, increasing the consumption of plant foods and avoiding the consumption of processed meats. It is also very important to avoid being overweight and obese, not smoking, avoiding alcohol, reducing salt intake, avoiding sugars, leading an active life and avoiding stress. With all these actions we protect ourselves and our hearts.
Natural ingredients that can help take care of us.

Fermented Rice with Red Yeast