High content of Omega 3
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Numerous clinical trials have shown the importance of the polyunsaturated fatty acid Omega 3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in brain development during childhood. It is known that DHA is fundamental and essential for proper cognitive and visual development. The brain, the retina and other nerve tissues are particularly rich in DHA. The greatest need for DHA in the brain occurs mainly during the last trimester of pregnancy and continues until the end of the second year of life. Since its endogenous formation is relatively low, its contribution to the diet is very important to contribute to an optimal neurological development!
Paediatricians recommend that children eat blue fish, at least twice a week, as a source of Omega 3. This is not always possible, since children do not usually like fish, let alone blue fish; which may pose a risk to the child’s correct neurological development. That is why it is important to supplement the child’s diet with Omeguis droplets.
ADHD is a neurodevelopmental pathology that appears at an early age and may or may not last as an adult. It is characterised by learning and behavioural problems. Its prevalence is increasing, particularly among school age children. It seems to be a multifactorial problem. It is suggested that one of the causes is a deficiency of long chain essential fatty acids, such as DHA.
The conclusions of scientific studies published in this regard are that there is evidence that the contribution of Omega 3 fatty acids is beneficial as a coadjuvant and supportive treatment for patients with ADHD, since it has been found that there is a reduction and improvement of symptoms and an increase in plasma levels of DHA.
The fish oil in Omeguis droplets is a concentrated DHA oil of very high purity. The quality of the raw material stands out: the oil comes from different species of blue fish from regulated fishing activities and the fatty acids are in the form of triglycerides, which is the natural form they have in the oil.
The method of obtaining it is by molecular distillation and extraction with supercritical fluids (CO2), which makes it possible to deodorise and purify the oil without exposing the Omega-3 fatty acids to stress conditions. This technology is both cutting-edge and ecological. Low temperatures are used to ensure the quality of the oil.