Do you know our range of products related to children?

In noVadiet we are especially concerned about the welfare of the little ones. Childhood obesity, sedentary lifestyle and excessive exposure to technological devices generate significant imbalances in children’s health and condition their future well-being.

Three aspects are essential to help maintain a healthy life in childhood: good eating habits, exercise and proper rest. In noVadiet we have developed a range of food supplements to strengthen each of these fundamental pillars.

Run, jump and play nonstop

Playing with the console is fun, but it is necessary, in addition, an active life, playing sports and outdoor games.

Nodijal Super

Nodijal Super brings the extra energy that children need for their day to day, to reduce the fatigue of the multiple activities of the school stage.

Why do we fall? To get up again!

Eso es lo que dijo Batman y también nuestro amigo Nodi. Si nos resfriamos o la garganta nos molesta, ya sabemos que generalmente es un proceso que tomará unos días.


Bropulín helps us relieve symptoms and help fluidization of secretions, relief of catarrhal symptoms, sore throat and cough.

Download the advice of Nodi to maintain good natural health in the smallest of the house!
Eat healthy

A good diet is the basis of good health. That is why you have to eat everything, following the guidelines indicated by nutritionists.

Crecidiet Appétit
Our recommended dietary supplement to stimulate appetite in stages of growth and development, such as childhood and adolescence.
A superhero needs some superdefenses
Liproline Eco Drops

Liproline Eco Drops, provides extra protection against colds. Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Rest to give up

So much activity needs a good rest, but sometimes we are very nervous and there is no way to calm down enough.


Tranquilín, natural elixir of plants, helps to relax the child by providing a natural complement that predisposes to a physiological dream, maintain tranquility and relax.